Nasca, Arequipa and Colca Canyon

I am cramming three things in one. It’s going to be another bullet-point blog!

  • So from last Monday to Wednesday we were at Nasca and we flew in a teeeeny plane for four people to see the Nasca Lines. It was an incredible experience but unfortunately the plane made me feel VERY sick and I felt even worse when the pilot turned around to watch me throw up – keep your eyes on the sky, please!

The monkey image at Nasca:


  • Nearby Nasca was the Chauchilla Cemetery with mummies and bones from the Nasca period (2000 years ago). One of them had long dreads and was apparently the Bob Marley mummy…
  • I first heard properly about the Nasca Lines in a 2010 issue of National Geographic, and was so surprised when our guide, also an archeologist, whipped out that very same issue and told us that he helped the NG team on the article! Very cool. We loved Jan.
  • On Thursday morning we arrived in Arequipa. It is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and the volcano Misti.
  • At the weekend we went to Colca Canyon – OH MY GOD, AMAZING! I think that is has been my favourite place of the whole trip so far despite the fact that I felt ill. It is a canyon twice the size of the Grand Canyon and 1km deep in some places.


  • Colca Canyon is so beautiful with hot springs, llamas and alpacas everywhere (my new fave animal along with cats, horses and orangutans), and the little village we stayed in, Chivay, was so pretty.
  • Our tour group was a crazy one with lots of fun people, and we ended up going to the front of the minibus on the way back and singing karaoke with the tour guides microphone!


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