Just a quick one today as the computer is in the living room of the hostel and people are trying to watch a film and the space bar is VERY loud. Oops.

So on Tuesday we left beautiful Baños to head further down Ecuador to Cuenca, the country´s third largest city. The 7 hour bus ride wasn´t too fun, but it was a welcome surprise to hear ´Beat It´playing on the coach amongst the Latino tunes (which I also love!).

Cuenca is nice – cobbled roads, narrow streets, lots of museums and art galleries. To be honest, it feels like we´re in Europe! Today we went to no less than three museums, plus we visited a craft market. At 4ish it started to rain very heavily, and there was a huge storm which has pretty much only just stopped!

We have started to buy a lot of our food and cook in the kitchen of the hostel as we really need to start saving money. We´ve been sitting watching films for the past two nights here with a couple from the USA. It´s nice and cosy with the rain pouring outside!

Tomorrow we leave for Loja, and then the stop after that will take us into Peru! Adios for now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cuenca

  1. hey alice & julia, loving your posts! so exciting to hear what you guys are up to as im just a couple of weeks behind you… think im starting to go through the same manic stage you inevitably go through. i feel totally ready to go but totally unprepared at the same time? im doing my trip the opposite way to you (south > north) so a good chance we might cross paths in a few months?! anyway i look forward to your next post. mine will be kicking off here soon.have fun! take care, nick x


  2. Yeah Cuenca was nice! We´re in Loja now, getting an overnight bus into Peru tonight! I will update the blog in a few days time.

    Thanks Nick!! Yeah you must be excited!!! You´re gonna loveee it here. I know what you mean about feeling prepared and unprepared at the same time, but once you get here it´ll be fine! Yeah that´d be cool if we cross paths! I´ll follow your blog too. Alice and Julia x


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