Baños – Un Pedacito De Cielo

´Un pedacito de cielo´means a little piece of heaven, which sums up Baños perfectly. We left Quito for this small town  located three hours away from the capital on Friday, expecting to leave on Monday, but we are still here! Let me just sum this up:

  • Baños is an amazing, boiling hot (we´re all burnt) town in a valley surrounded by soaring hills on each side
  • It is a thriving town on weekends, probably a holiday destination for Ecuadorians, and as soon as the week comes, it´s actually dead here

  • We zip-wired through a canyon on our fronts and it literally felt like we were flying – such an amazing feeling. Sophie´s photo of her ´flying´ is one of the most hilarious photos ever, but apparently my panicked state calmed Julia and Soph down so they weren´t even scared when they did it! Oh, and they heard me scream from the other side.
  • Jumping off a bridge was on the cards today but we thought, hang on a second, let´s just pace ourselves. It hasn´t even been a week yet..
  • We trekked down to a waterfall which took hours (okay like half an hour) to get to, and we thought we might not make it up again. The waterfall was beautiful, though
  • We visited the thermal baths which give Baños its name, last night. The baths draw on the spring water from the nearby volcano, and it was so strange (in a good way) to be in these baths at night next to a waterfall. They were absolutely boiling and I kept standing on people’s toes cos it was so packed in there!!!

  • At our return visit to the baths today, we met a guy from Wales and got splashed on by a million kids. Sitting by the side of the baths in the blistering heat was not a good remedy for curing sunburn
  • Oh, and I am not going to mention Saturday night…

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