50 Countries Before 30 Years

When I was a child, our only family holidays were to places in England such as the Scarborough seaside or the farm in Devon we were regulars at – aside from the odd trip on the ferry to France. I think the fact my dad didn’t like flying and my mum was happy having staycations just made my feet itchier and itchier as I grew up, and as soon as I got the opportunity to travel, I grabbed it. I have now been to 46 countries and am planning on seeing if I can reach 50 by my 30th birthday in March. Here is a list of destinations I have already ticked off…


I can’t remember how many times I have been to France. It was the easiest family holiday abroad and trips over the years have included caravans by the sea and the obligatory Disneyland Paris.



My first time on a plane was on a family holiday to the Algarve – I remember being excited by the flight turbulence whilst my mum was almost crying!



My first trip to Spain was aged 11 on a school walking trip. Two of my friends backed out leaving me with some other girls in my year that I didn’t really know, but I embraced it. I have been back plenty of times since, most recently on a cycling trip to the green coast.



I convinced my mum to take us to Tunisia when I was 14 – it looked different to anywhere I had been before and I basically wanted to say I had been to Africa!

Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Cyprus

I went to a state school but when I tell people about this epic cruise trip they find that hard to believe! We were supposed to visit Syria too but unfortunately due to a storm the ship was diverted.


I went to Rome on a History of Art trip during my A Levels, and have been back once since to Verona, Lake Garda and Venice.



Of all the countries on my list, this is my favourite. The wildlife is incredible, the beaches are tranquil and empty, but that’s not why I love Kenya. I love the people, and I loved my experience volunteering there. I have been twice now and am planning a third trip next year to see friends out there.



After Kenya in 2007, I went home for six hours and hopped back on a plane to Tokyo. This trip is unlike any other on the list because it was to see Michael Jackson who had planned a few events there. I met him quite a few times and got a hug from him at Tokyo Disney. I am desperate to go back again soon.


My brother lived in Bangkok for a couple of years and so I decided to visit him out there with my friend and her brother.



I am ¼ Polish and have family in and around Warsaw. I have been to Poland three times including one university trip to Krakow.

Croatia and Montenegro

In 2009 I went to Dubrovnik and Cavtat in Croatia, and took a day trip to Montenegro.



I went to Marrakech in 2010 with three friends, and I’d love to go back again to see more of the country.


Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina

In 2011 I planned a four month backpacking trip around South America. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am so glad I did it.



That same year I also went to Waterville in County Kerry with a friend for the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival.

Denmark and Sweden

In 2012, my best friend was living in Copenhagen for six months and so I visited her there. We also took a day trip across to Malmo in Sweden.



In 2013 I worked for a travel magazine and went on a press trip to Panama to report on the Carnival.


That same year I did a 5 week road trip across the USA from New York to LA. It was the best way to see America!



I also went to Antigua for the World Travel Awards. I mostly remember sipping champagne in the hotel pool during the warm evenings.

The Netherlands and Belgium

In 2014, my friends got married in The Hague and so I attended their wedding and also visited Amsterdam and Ghent in Belgium. I’ve since been back to Amsterdam for my mum’s 60th.


My only trip to the Middle East was on a group tour holiday to Jordan. I went alone and had a wonderful time in this beautiful country.



This was high on my list for so long. I loved the music, the old cars and the whole feel of this unique Caribbean island.


Czech Republic

I popped to Prague for a long weekend with a friend in 2015. Two words: Charles Bridge!


I’ve only been to Oslo but despite it being expensive, it was a stunning city.



Seeing wild bears was a highlight of my work trip to Romania.



As part of a bigger trip to New York, I went to Toronto and Niagara Falls over the New Year going into 2016. Canada is awesome and friendly and I feel like I could live there out of all the countries on this list.



As I work in travel I sometimes get good deals, and last February I got a GREAT flight deal to Cancun. We visited Chichen Itza and Ik Kil whilst there which were both beautiful.

Belize and Guatemala

This was another work trip. Belize has the feel of a Caribbean island, and Guatemala’s Mayan ruins are fascinating.



I went on a trip to Vienna last year with my friend during a heatwave.


Macedonia is seriously cool, and there’s so few tourists! We stayed in Lake Ohrid and visited the capital of Skopje too.


Slovakia and Hungary

I went to Bratislava and Budapest last winter for the Christmas markets. Both capitals were magical.


Another trip with work (although as a holiday), India has to be up there as one of my favourite countries.


New Zealand and Malaysia

New Zealand is truly something else. I went on a three-week road trip with my boyfriend in April which included a day in Kuala Lumpur at the end, and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.


I am off to Costa Rica soon, and then it’s just three more to squeeze in before March. Let’s see if I can do it!

Words: Me
Photos: Either I took it or I’m in it

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